Ini Kamoze - Ini Kamoze (LP)

Ini Kamoze - Ini Kamoze (LP)
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Ini Kamoze's self-titled debut album is an essential one to understand the early '80s roots. The new evolution of the reggae beat was created by the rapid-fire of hard rhythms. This sound fits perfectly with Ini's unique voice and perspective.

  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl
  • Reggae series with SELECTED REGGAE CLASSICS sticker on seal
  • His debut album, includes “Trouble You A Trouble Me”, “Them Thing Deh” a.o.

Side A

1. Trouble You A Trouble Me
2. World-A-Music
3. Them Thing Deh

Side B

1. General
2. Wings With Me
3. Hail Me Idrin

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