Mark Lanegan Band - Somebody's Knocking (CD)

Mark Lanegan Band - Somebody's Knocking (CD)
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Somebody’s Knocking is the eleventh solo album by ex-Screaming Trees frontman, Mark Lanegan. Lanegan says that Joy Division, The Stooges, Love and, perhaps surprisingly, New Order have all influenced this album. Despite having always been a fan of electronic music, the sounds are now making their way into his otherwise fags-and-whiskey-drenched gruff rock sound as it’s what he listens to most these days. 

  1. Disbelief Suspension
  2. Letter Never Sent
  3. Night Flight to Kabul
  4. Dark Disco Jag
  5. Name and Number
  6. Playing Nero
  7. Radio Silence
  8. Penthouse High
  9. Paper Hat
  10. Stitch It Up
  11. Gazing from the Shore
  12. War Horse
  13. She Loved You
  14. Two Bells Ringing At Once

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