Various - Sunny Side Up (2LP)

Various - Sunny Side Up (2LP)
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A new generation of young, independent musicians, in share-houses and makeshift home studios, in the garages and backyard sheds of Melbourne's suburban sprawl, have embraced a brash DIY spirit. Taking cues from soul, jazz and club culture, they've stamped an uninhibited style on a sun-bleached spool of influences. A snapshot of a movement that's ready to boil over, the nine acts on Sunny Side Up have grown out of a city free from the weight of overbearing musical traditions, where outside influences are freely re-interpreted and mashed together. A celebratory record, it's energized by a collaborative spirit as much as by the variety of styles which it collides together.


  1. Phil Stroud - Banksia
  2. Dufresne - Pick Up / Galaxy
  3. Kuzich - There Is No Time
  4. Audrey Powne - Bleeding Hearts


  1. Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange - Powers 2 (The People)
  2. Laneous - Nice To See You
  3. Silentjay - Eternal / Internal Peace
  4. Horatio Luna - The Wake-Up
  5. Allysha Joy - Orbit


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