America - Classic Album Collection (6CD Box Set)

America - Classic Album Collection (6CD Box Set)
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America: Classic Album Collection - The Capitol Years features Silent Letter (plus two bonus mono single edits), Alibi (plus two bonus mono single edits), View from the Ground, Your Move, Perspective, and In Concert. The collection's six CDs are housed in a clamshell box with a detailed booklet including comments from the band on the making and impact of the albums.

Silent Letter
1. Only Game in Town
2. All Around
3. Tall Treasures
4. 1960
5. And Forever
6. Foolin'
7. All Night
8. No Fortune
9. All My Life
10. One Morning
11. High in The City
Bonus Tracks
12. Only Game in Town – Mono Edit
13. All Around – Mono Edit

1. Survival
2. Might Be Your Love
3. Catch That Train
4. You Could've Been the One
5. I Don't Believe in Miracles
6. I Do Believe in You
7. Hangover
8. Right Back to Me
9. Coastline
10. Valentine
11. One in A Million
Bonus Tracks
12. You Could've Been the One – Mono Edit
13. Hangover – Mono Edit

View from the Ground
1. You Can Do Magic
2. Never Be Lonely
3. You Girl
4. Inspector Mills
5. Love on the Vine
6. Desperate Love
7. Right Before Your Eyes
8. Jody
9. Sometimes Lovers
10. Even the Score

Your Move
1. My Kinda Woman
2. She's A Runaway
3. Cast the Spirit
4. Love's Worn Out Again
5. The Border
6. Your Move
7. Honey
8. My Dear
9. Tonight Is for Dreamers
10. Don't Let Me Be Lonely
11. Someday Woman

1. We Got All Night
2. See How the Love Goes
3. (Can't Fall Asleep to A) Lullaby
4. Special Girl
5. 5th Avenue
6. (It's Like You) Never Left at All
7. Stereo
8. Lady With A Bluebird
9. Cinderella
10. Unconditional Love
11. Fallin' Off the World

In Concert
1. Tin Man
2. I Need You
3. The Border
4. Sister Golden Hair
5. Company
6. You Can Do Magic
7. Ventura Highway
8. Daisy Jane
9. A Horse With No Name
10. Survival

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