Manowar - Fighting The World (Coloured LP)

Manowar - Fighting The World (Coloured LP)
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Empowering and powerful music inspired by heroic fantasy, Manowar is above all the epic voice of singer Eric Adams and the Wagnerian compositions of bassist/leader Joey DeMaio. Originally released in 1987, Fighting The World is the heavy metal outfit's fifth full-length effort anchored by the epic tracks "Blow Your Speakers" and "Carry On." Recorded by the classic line up of DeMaio, Adams, Ross The Boss, and Scott Columbus, Fighting The World was one of the first heavy metal albums to be recorded and mixed entirely on digital equipment as well as the the band's first to feature the signature artwork of long-time collaborator Ken Kelly (Kiss, Rainbow).

Clear Vinyl – limited to 1500 copies

Side A
1. Fighting the World
2. Blow Your Speakers
3. Carry On
4. Violence and Bloodshed
Side B
5. Defender
6. Drums of Doom
7. Holy War
8. Master of Revenge
9. Black Wind, Fire and Steel

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