Secret Garden - Storyteller (CD)

Secret Garden - Storyteller (CD)
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"Storyteller" is the 10th original album from Norwegian/Irish duo Secret Garden –their first new studio album in over five years.

It features three brand new and original songs -"Strength" featuring EspenGrjotheim, "Beautiful" featuring Brian Kennedy, and "Sunshine" featuring CathrineIversen (all singers are long-time members of the Secret Garden touring ensemble. Brian Kennedy was also the featured artist on "You Raise Me Up" in Secret Garden's original recording in 2001).

Complementing Secret Garden's last acoustic studio album, "Just The Two Of Us" (2013), here we experience a full-scale production with the band, incredible instrumentalists from Norway and Ireland, and The Czech National Symphony Orchestra. "As always we wanted the production to reflect the dual nationality of Secret Garden by merging Norwegian and Irish players. Sessions in Norway and in Ireland, as well as London and Prague, create a great palette of musical coloursin our own Secret Garden blend", says FionnualaSherry.

  1. The Pilot
  2. Beyond The Blue
  3. Beautiful ft. Brian Kennedy
  4. FLOW
  5. Song To A Child
  6. Nostalgia
  7. Open Doors
  8. Sunshine ft. Cathrine Iversen
  9. One More Chance
  10. Fantasia
  11. The Voyage
  12. Strength ft. Espen Grjotheim
  13. End Of A Journey

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