Lamb Of God - Ashes Of The Wake: 15th Anniversary (2LP)

Lamb Of God - Ashes Of The Wake: 15th Anniversary (2LP)
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To commemorate the 15th Anniversary of Lamb Of God’s classic Ashes Of The Wake, the album is now being released on double-vinyl with 4 non-LP tracks, including the B-Side “Another Nail For Your Coffin” and previously unreleased demos.

Side A

  1. Laid to Rest                                                         
  2. Hourglass                                                            
  3. Now You've Got Something To Die For                 
  4. The Faded Line                                                    

Side B

  1. Omerta                                                                
  2. Blood Of The Scribe                                             
  3. One Gun                                                             
  4. Break You                                                           

Side C

  1. What I've Become                                                
  2. Ashes of the Wake                                               
  3. Remorse Is for the Dead                                      

Side D 

  1.  Another Nail For Your Coffin                             
  2.  Laid To Rest (pre-production demo)                   
  3.  Ashes Of The Wake (pre-production demo)       
  4.  Remorse For The Dead (pre-production demo

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