Baroness - Gold & Grey (2LP)

Baroness - Gold & Grey (2LP)
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Gold & Grey is the new album by US metal band Baroness. They continue their ‘thing’ of naming albums after colours. This album is the band’s first without guitarist, Peter Adams. He was replaced by Gina Gleason. For the first time, the band opted for a more relaxed approach to recording, which allowed for spontaneity and greater collaboration.

LP 1, Side 1:
1. Front Toward Enemy
2. I’m Already Gone
3. Seasons
4. Sevens
5. Tourniquet
6. Anchor’s Lament

LP 1, Side 2:
1. Throw Me an Anchor
2. I’d Do Anything
3. Blankets of Ash
4. Emmet - Radiating Light
5. Cold-Blooded Angels

LP 2, Side 1:
1. Crooked Mile
2. Broken Halo
3. Can Oscura
4. Borderlines
5. Assault on East Falls
6. Pale Sun

LP 2, Side 2:
Etching by John Baizley

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