Ratso - Stubborn Heart (Coloured LP)

Ratso - Stubborn Heart (Coloured LP)
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Ratso is a long-term fixture of New York’s music scene, and has written the memoirs of some big stars, including Anthony Kiedis. Now he is flipping the tables and, aged seventy, is releasing his own album for the first time. Stubborn Heart features one Dylan cover and eight original songs, some of them co-written with John Cale, with musical assistance offered by Sharon Robinson, Warren Ellis and Nick Cave.

1. I Want Everything (ft. Yasmine Hamdan)
2. Our Lady of Light (ft. Nick Cave)
3. Caribbean Sunset (ft. Imani Coppola & Paul Shapiro)
4. Dying on the Vine
5. Living in Moonlight
6. Matching Scars
7. Listen Little Man
8. Stubborn Heart
9. Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands

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