Ronny Jordan - The Antidote (Coloured LP)

Ronny Jordan - The Antidote (Coloured LP)
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As an influential artist in the acid jazz movement of the '90s, Ronny Jordan released his debut album The Antidote. The well structured album focuses on different parts of the jazz movement, a fine combination of Hip-Hop drum loops and jazz. You get caught up in the groove of the guitar rhythms and that fact is what makes this record so wonderful.  

  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl
  • Debut album featuring the Miles Davis cover and hit "So What", "After Hours" and more songs
  • Limited first pressing of 1.000 individually numbered copies on gold vinyl

Side A

1. Get To Grips
2. Blues Grinder
3. After Hours (The Antidote)
4. See The New

Side B

1. So What
2. Show Me (Your Love)
3. Nite Spice
4. Summer Smile

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