The Japanese House - Good At Falling (CD)

The Japanese House - Good At Falling (CD)
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The Japanese House - the soulful neon-tinted pop project of singer/songwriter Amber Bain - offers up its debut full-length, Good at Falling via Dirty Hit/Interscope Records. Co-produced by Bain with BJ Burton (Bon Iver, Francis and The Lights) and The 1975's George Daniel, the sparkling collection follows-up Bain's series of critically acclaimed EPs Pools To Bathe In (2015), Clean (2015), Swim Against The Tide (2016) and 2017's Saw You In A Dream. "These songs are definitely more direct...the album has a lot more of me in it, so it makes sense," Bain notes.

  1. Went To Meet Her (Intro)
  2. Maybe You're the Reason
  3. We Talk All the Time
  4. Wild
  5. You Seemed so Happy
  6. Follow My Girl
  7. Somethingfartoogoodtofeel
  8. Lilo
  9. Everybody Hates Me
  10. Marika Is Sleeping
  11. Worms
  12. F a r a w a y
  13. I Saw You In a Dream

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