Dream Theater - Distance Over Time (2LP+CD)

Dream Theater - Distance Over Time (2LP+CD)
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Format: LP/CD
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The two-time GRAMMY® Award nominated band have sold over 15 million records worldwide and for this album decided to approach things differently. 
For the first time, the band lived, wrote and recorded together - at the secluded Yonderbarn studios in Monticello, NY - over the course of four months in order to develop a more organic sound. 
Despite these changes, Dream Theater has upheld its unique signature of combining Metallic aggression and Progressive ambition. 
Distance Over Time might deal with difficult topics, but it also reflects the spirit, joy and passion that the band put into making the album.
Double 180g vinyl edition in gatefold with 8-page booklet and CD
1. Untethered Angel 00:06:14
2. Paralyzed 00:04:17
3. Fall Into The Light 00:07:04
1. Barstool Warrior 00:06:43
2. Room 137 00:04:23
3. S2N 00:06:21
C (13:24):
1. At Wit’s End 00:09:20
2. Out Of Reach 00:04:04
D (12:25):
1. Pale Blue Dot 00:08:25
2. Viper King 00:04:00 (Bonus track)


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