Vangelis - Nocturne (CD)

Vangelis - Nocturne (CD)
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Format: CD
Label: DECCA
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01. Nocturnal Promenade [New]
02. To The Unknown Man [New arrangement of track from ‘Spiral’ album]
03. Movement Nine [New arrangement of track from ‘Mythodia’ album]
04. Moonlight Reflections [New]
05. Through The Night Mist [New]
06. Early Years [New]
07. Love Theme [New arrangement of a theme from ‘Blade Runner’ soundtrack album]
08. Sweet Nostalgia [New]
09. Intermezzo [New]
10. To A Friend [New]
11. La Petite Fille De La Mer [New arrangement of track from ‘L’Apocalypse Des Animaux’ album]
12. Longing [New]
13. Chariots Of Fire [New arrangement of the main theme from ‘Chariots Of Fire’ soundtrack album]
14. Unfulfilled Desire [New]
15. Lonesome [New]
16. 1492: Conquest Of Paradise [New arrangement of track from ‘1492: Conquest Of Paradise’ album]
17. Pour Melia [New]

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