Green River - Rehab Doll (Coloured 2LP)

Green River - Rehab Doll (Coloured 2LP)
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Format: LP
Label: SUB POP
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The story of Seattle’s rise to global rock supremacy in the late ’80s and early ’90s begins with Green River. Made up of Jeff Ament (bass), Mark Arm (guitar/vocals), Bruce Fairweather (guitar), Stone Gossard (guitar), and Alex Shumway (drums), the quintet put out three 12”s and a 7” single during its brief existence. Green River’s influence on Seattle’s music scene spread far and wide thanks to the members’ dispersion into bands including Pearl Jam, Mudhoney, and Love Battery, as well as the punk-glam-sludge-rock songs they left behind.

Rehab Doll, recorded largely at Seattle’s Steve Lawson Studios., bridges the gap between the taut, punky energy of Dry As a Bone and the bigger drums and thicker riffs that were coming to dominate rock in the late ’80s. This new edition of Rehab Doll includes a version of “Swallow My Pride” recorded to 8-track at Endino’s Reciprocal Recording, which features a more accurate depiction of how the band sounded when they played live. “When I listen to these mixes, I think, ‘This is how we actually sounded—this is the kind of energy we had,’” says Shumway.

  • Light Green Coloured Vinyl edition
  1. Forever Means
  2. Rehab Doll
  3. Swallow My Pride
  4. Together We'll Never
  5. Smilin' and Dyin'
  6. Porkfist
  7. Take a Dive
  8. One More Stitch
  9. 10000 Things (Rehab Recovery)
  10. Hangin' Tree (Rehab Recovery)
  11. Rehab Doll (Reciprocal 8-track)
  12. Swallow My Pride (Reciprocal 8-track)
  13. Together We'll Never (Reciprocal 8-track)
  14. Smilin' and Dyin' (Reciprocal 8-track)
  15. Porkfist (Reciprocal 8-track)
  16. Take a Dive (Reciprocal 8-track)
  17. Somebody (Reciprocal 8-track)
  18. Queen Bitch (Reciprocal 8-track)


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