C.W. Stoneking - Jungle Blues (LP)

C.W. Stoneking - Jungle Blues (LP)
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Christopher William ""C.W."" Stoneking (born 1974) is an Australian blues singer-songwriter, revivalists of bygone music lend themselves to nostalgia, cabaret and twee fetishisation of the past. It’s a rare act who eludes this trap; CW Stoneking is one with a flair for making old-timey sounds into party music for the present. Ranging from full-blown jungle epics to desolate guitar and singing-country-blues, the album tells the Jungle Blues story from all sides.

Opening with the title track, 'Jungle Blues' invokes the tale of a poor shipwrecked soul stranded in the jungles of darkest Africa. What follows are hair-raising stories that will haunt your dreams, and voodoo tunes evoking memorable scenes from the world of the jungle."

01. Jungle Blues
02. Talking Lion Blues
03. Jungle Lullaby
04. Brave Son Of America
05. Jailhouse Blues
06. Housebound Blues
07. I Heard The Marching Of The Drum
08. The Love Me Or Die
09. Early In The Morning
10. The Greatest Liar

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