UB40 ‎- All The Best (2CD)

UB40 ‎- All The Best (2CD)
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DISC 1 01. Food For Thought 02. Little By Little 03. Red Red Wine 04. I Think It's Going To Rain Today 05. Please Don't Make Me Cry 06. Cherry Oh Baby 07. Don't Slow Down 08. If It Happens Again 09. Don't Do The Crime 10. Version Girl 11. Sing Our Own Song 12. Riddle Me 13. Rat In Mi Kitchen 14. The Pillow 15. Maybe Tomorrow 16. Don't Blame Me 17. Music So Nice 18. Come Out To Play 19. Cos It Isn't True 20. You're Always Pulling Me Down

DISC 2 01. Breakfast In Bed 02. Where Did I Go Wrong 03. Stick By Me 04. Here I Am / Small Axe 05. Wedding Day 06. The Way You Do The Things You Do 07. Sweet Cherrie 08. Tears From My Eyes 09. (I Can't Help) Falling in Love With You 10. Promises And Lies 11. Higher Ground 12. Always There 13. Bring Me Your Cup 14. C'est La Vie 15. I Really Can't Say 16. Tell Me Is It True 17. Come Back Darling 18. Swing Low (Radio Edit) [feat. The United Colours of Sound] 19. Kiss And Say Goodbye 20. Bling Bling

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