Vitalic - Voyager (CD)

Vitalic - Voyager (CD)
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It’s been a good fifteen years now since Vitalic (aka Pascal Arbez-Nicolas) took it upon himself to redefine techno using his native French sensibility, mixing energy and melody to forge his own recognisable style.

“Voyager” is a record that has forgotten nothing of the cosmic disco heritage of the 1980s. It perfectly brings together the three elements that have always composed Vitalic’s strength: a touch of experimental folly, killer melodies and a joyful overabundance of energy. It’s this magic formula that makes “Voyager” the ideal disc to listen to with your feet on the dancefloor and your eyes fixed on the stars. Or vice-versa.

01. El Viaje 01:34
02. Waiting for the Stars 03:52
03. Levitation 05:40
04. Hans Is Driving 04:33
05. Use It or Lose It 04:38
06. Lightspeed 03:51
07. Eternity 05:34
08. Nozomi 05:01
09. Sweet Cigarette 03:10
10. Don't Leave Me Now (Cover Version) 03:58

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