Crowbar - The Serpent Only Lies (CD)

Crowbar - The Serpent Only Lies (CD)
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Format: CD
Label: SPV
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30 years on and the name 'Crowbar' has become synonymous with certain doom! Now they are to release their latest work “The Serpent Only Lies” which goes back to their old roots but somehow modernises them. The band has listened to a lot of old music to create something new. This album combines everything that 'Crowbar' are well-loved for- their excellent hooks from halfway through their career, heavy riffs and catchy drum accompaniment. We can finally say it: the masters of melodic sludge sounds are back!

1.Falling While Rising
2.Plasmic And Pure
3.I Am The Storm
4.Surviving The Abyss
5.The Serpent Only Lies
6.The Enemy Beside You
7.Embrace The Light
8.On Holy Ground
9.Song Of The Dunes
10.As I Heal


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