Genesis - Abacab (LP)

Genesis - Abacab (LP)
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Abacab is the 11th studio album by British band Genesis. Once again the chart topping album "Abacab" features the deadly trio of Phil Collins, Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford at their commercial zenith. Although not a singles band, Genesis still kept a healthy line of hits rolling (especially in the US) with releases like solid rocking "Keep It Dark," the Earth, Wind & Fire assisted "No Reply At All," the pounding title track "Abacab," and the atmospheric "Man In The Corner."

"Abacab" would become Genesis' best-selling album in the US so far, selling 2 million units in the process before future albums "Genesis," "Invisible Touch," and "We Can't Dance" cleaned-up throughout the rest of the '80s and the early '90s. The sound is more synth-oriented but sparingly arranged, with less of a dense texture than previous albums. The result has been called art rock.

Side One:
1. Abacab
2. No Reply At All
3. Me and Sarah Jane
4. Keep It Dark
Side Two:
1. Dodo
2. Lurker
3. Who Dunnit?
4. Man On The Corner
5. Like It Or Not
6. Another Record

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