Karma To Burn - Mountain Czar (12" Vinyl)

Karma To Burn - Mountain Czar (12" Vinyl)
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Format: 12"
Label: SPV
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Since their acclaimed 1997 debut album, almost the entire extent of the international rock history is reflected in the riff-driven, heavy grooving instrumental songs by 'Karma To Burn'. You know this: to compose a song without vocals requires special focus on the continuous flow of the arrangements, because 'Karma To Burn' simply have no singer who might conceal some weak passages. Accordingly, their pieces seem like roller coasters, which go up and down and permanently keep the tension. The title of their latest disc is "Mountain Czar" and works as a winking cross- reference to the stylistic assignment of the band. Initially the music of the American trio had been called stoner rock, although none of the musicians smokes marijuana. Then they called their style desert rock, but 'Karma To Burn' do not come from the desert, but from West Virginia, a state which is nicknamed 'The Mountain State`. "So what else should we do than finally search for a term that really suits us?" guitarist William Mecum jokes.

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  4. Uccidendo Un Sogno
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