The Third Power - Believe (LP+CD)

The Third Power - Believe (LP+CD)
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In 1970, Jem Targal and friends were responsible for memorable, impacting concerts like those of Hendrix or Cream, in that three person triangle formula which was in vogue in the end of the '60s. This album was released in 1970, by the legendary Vanguard label, but was lost from the catalogue almost immediately, which is why in the years to come, it entered the rare collectors market. Highly recommended to fans of heavy rock and Hendrix style guitars.

This psychedelic power trio emerged from the same Detroit scene that spawned the MC5 and the Stooges (with whom they shared many bills), and have been described as Detroit’s answer to Cream. Their sole album originally appeared in May 1970, and is widely regarded as one of the best underground hard rock records of the era. It makes its long-awaited return to vinyl here, complete with an insert containing background notes and images.

  • Psychedelic power trio from Detroit
  • Originally issued in 1970
  • Long-awaited return to vinyl
  • Insert with notes and images

Side One

1 Gettin' Together 4.23

2 Feel So Lonely 4.18

3 Passed By 3.43

4 Lost In A Daydream 2.33

5 Persecution 3.27

Side Two

1 Comin' Home 3.52

2 Won't Beg Anymore 4.29

3 Crystalline Chandelier 3.22

4 Like Me Love Me 6.01


CD Version

1 Gettin' Together

2 Feel So Lonely

3 Passed By

4 Lost In A Daydream

5 Persecution

6 Comin' Home

7 Won't Beg Anymore

8 Crystalline Chandelier

9 Like Me Love Me

10 We You I (Single A Side) - bonus track

11 Snow (Single B Side) - bonus track

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