Dire Straits - On Every Street (2LP)

Dire Straits - On Every Street (2LP)
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1991's On Every Street is the sixth and final Dire Straits album and follow-up to their chart-topping 1985 masterpiece Brothers in Arms. By this time Knopfler and bassist John Illsley were the only remaining original members, supported here by Alan Clark (keyboards, strings) and Guy Fletcher (keyboards, vocals). The 6 year build up between albums helped make On Every Street one of the biggest selling of Dire Straits career, producing several singles including "Calling Elvis," "Heavy Fuel," "On Every Street" and "The Bug."
1.  Calling Elvis 
2.  On Every Street 
3.  When It Comes To You
4.  Fade To Black
5.  The Bug
6.  You And Your Friend
1.  Heavy Fuel
2.  Iron Hand
3.  Ticket To Heaven
4.  My Parties
5.  Planet Of New Orleans
6.  How Long


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