Ennio Morricone - L'essentiel (2CD)

Ennio Morricone - L'essentiel (2CD)
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An exceptional anthology to the legend of film music, bringing together standards with rarer scores on a double CD. On the one hand, essential masterpieces for Sergio Leone ('The Good, the Bad and the Ugly', the 'Once Upon a Time' trilogy), Giuliano Montaldo ('Sacco & Vanzetti'), Henri Verneuil ('Le Clan des Siciliens', 'Peur sur the city'), Georges Lautner ('The Professional'), Roland Joffe ('Mission'), Brian de Palma ('Les Incorruptibles'), Giuseppe Tornatore ('Cinéma Paradiso'), as well as the original tapes for spaghetti westerns, giallos and erotic films. Included are a selection of songs interpreted by Joan Baez, Sting, Gérard Depardieu and Zucchero.

Disc 1
1 Il Buono, Il Brutto, Il Cattivo (From 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly')
2 L'estasi Dell'oro (From 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly')
3 Tema D'amore (From 'Nuovo Cinema Paradiso')
4 Le Clan Des Siciliens (From 'Le Clan Des Siciliens')
5 Renascer
6 Quando Le Donne Avevano La Coda (From 'Quando Le Donne Avevano La Coda')
7 L'uomo Dell"armonica (From 'Once Upon a Time in the West')
8 La Cosa Buffa (From 'La Cosa Buffa')
9 Forse Basta (From 'Il Giro Del Mondo Degli Innamorati Di Peynet')
10 Il Lungo Silenzio (Feat. Mariella Devia) [from 'Il Lungo Silenzio']
11 Per Le Antiche Scale (Preludio) [from 'Per Le Antiche Scale']
12 Holocaust (From 'Holocaust 2000')
13 Peur Sur La Ville (From 'Peur Sur La Ville')
14 D'amore Una Storia (From 'Come Un Delfino')
15 Viagio (From 'Stanno Tutti Bene')
16 Deborah's Theme (Feat. Edda Dell'Orso) [from 'Once Upon a Time in America']
17 Childhood Memories (From 'Once Upon a Time in America')
18 Rodéo (From 'Le Casse')
19 A Mio Padre (End Credits) [from 'I Demoni De San Pietroburgo']
20 Scusi, Facciamo L'amore (From Bad to Worse) [from 'Scusi, Facciamo L'amore ?']
21 Escalation (From 'Escalation')
22 Here's to You (From 'Sacco & Vanzetti')

Disc 2
1 Chi Mai (From 'Le Professionnel)
2 My Heart and I
3 Giù La Testa (From 'A Fistful of Dynamite')
4 Città Violenta (From 'Violent City')
5 Orca (End Credits) [from 'Orca']
6 Intermezzo/Dialogue of Memories (From 'Orca')
7 The Strength of the Righteous (From 'The Untouchables')
8 Al Capone (From 'The Untouchables')
9 Lolita (Finale) [from 'Lolita']
10 Un Genio, Due Compari, Un Pollo (From 'Un Genio, Due Compari, Un Pollo')
11 Libera L'amore
12 A Perdifiato (From 'Una Pura Formalità')
13 Ricordare (From 'Una Pura Formalità')
14 Piume Di Cristallo (From 'L'uccelo Dalle Piume Di Cristallo')
15 L'Immoralità (From 'L'Immoralità')
16 Che C'entriamo Noi ? (From 'Che C'entriamo Noi Con La Rivoluzione ?'
17 Malessere (From 'La Chiave')
18 Mini Can-can Grottesco (From 'La Chiave')
19 Hell's Kitchen (From 'State of Grace')
20 Miluzza (From 'The Nymph')
21 A Nastassia (From 'Cosi' Come Sei')
22 The Silver of the Mine (From 'Nostromo')

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