Benny Carter And His Orchestra - Further Definitions (LP)

Benny Carter And His Orchestra - Further Definitions (LP)
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It's the mixture of old (Benny Carter, Coleman Hawkins and Jo Jones) and new (Phil Woods, Charlie Rouse, Dick Katz and Jimmy Garrison) that makes the eight numbers on this 1961 LP so attractive with its historical jazz themes providing the stage for the soloists. The lightness with which Carter fills his improvisations here is taken up by the other musicians who weave around the themes, not adhering to complex harmonies but altering them playfully and lending them a modern touch. In this way, the old 'war-horses' from the '30s ("Honeysuckle Rose," "Crazy Rhythm," "Cotton Tail") are turned into modern gems. And humor certainly is not lacking either: just listen to Jones' solo in "Cotton Tail!"

Side A:
1. Honeysuckle Rose
2. The Midnight Sun Will Never Set
3. Crazy Rhythm
4. Blue Star
Side B:
1. Cotton Tail
2. Body & Soul
3. Cherry
4. Doozy

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