Brian Blade & The Fellowship Band - Body And Shadow (LP)

Brian Blade & The Fellowship Band - Body And Shadow (LP)
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Brian Blade & The Fellowship Band marks its 20th anniversary with the release of their sublime fifth album, Body and Shadow, a succinct 9-track meditation on lightness/darkness that arrives like a balm for the soul, ebbing and flowing with grace, subtlety and no shortness of beauty. The Fellowship released their eponymous debut in 1998, but the bond among the musicians goes back even further. Blade, the band's namesake and drummer, first met pianist Jon Cowherd in 1988 while attending Loyola University in New Orleans, and they met bassist Chris Thomas in the Crescent City a year later. With Myron Walden (alto saxophone & bass clarinet) and Melvin Butler (tenor saxophone), the Fellowship Band's sturdy unified bond ("we think of the band as a collective instrument," Cowherd says) has evolved with every album, and Body and Shadow, which also features Denver-based guitarist Dave Devine, is an extension of that evolution.

  1. Within Everything
  2. Body and Shadow (Noon)
  3. Traveling Mercies
  4. Have Thine Own Way, Lord (Solo)
  5. Have Thine Own Way, Lord (Band)
  6. Body and Shadow (Morning)
  7. Duality
  8. Body and Shadow (Night)
  9. Broken Leg Days


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