Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Liverpool (LP)

Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Liverpool (LP)
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1986's Liverpool is the second and final studio album from British dance-pop band Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Liverpool itself was a strikingly good album, in fact many consider it to be at least the equal of its 1984 predecessor Welcome to the Pleasuredome. The production is immaculate, the material is strong and in fact there is a case for making the statement that it's a leaner, meaner album than Pleasuredome, and contains no filler whatsoever. Certainly, time has revealed its many charms, and it's definitely worth revisiting, despite being known more as the group's swan song than its defining statement. Produced by Trevor Horn and Steve Lipson, Liverpool climbed into the Top 10 all over the world yielding the singles "Rage Hard," "Warriors of the Wasteland" and "Watching the Wildlife."

  1. Warriors Of The Wasteland
  2. Rage Hard
  3. Kill The Pain
  4. Maximum Joy
  5. Watching The Wildlife
  6. Lunar Bay
  7. For Heaven's Sake
  8. Is Anybody Out There


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