Devil To Pay - A Bend In Space And Time (LP)

Devil To Pay - A Bend In Space And Time (LP)
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The mind-bending new album from Ripple stalwarts, Devil to Pay. The epitome of their groove laden, riff mad heavy rock, with psychedelic and supernatural overtones.

Recorded in 2015 by Mike Bridavsky at Russian Recording in Bloomington, Indiana, A Bend Through Space and Time picks up where its predecessor left off and further develops Devil To Pay’s songcraft and explorations in heavy, riff-oriented rock and roll. By now, followers of the band should have already heard ‘Your Inner Lemmy’ – the quartet’s fitting tribute to Motörhead legend Lemmy Kilmister and the first track lifted from this new record – released earlier this year. Described by Classic Rock Magazine as sounding like an authentic, “long-lost Motörhead song,” it serves as just one of many reference points, dotted across a constellation of hard rock influences at play on this, their best album to date.

  1. On and On (in your mind)
  2. Don’t Give Away the World
  3. Kobold in the Breadbasket
  4. Laughingstock
  5. the Meaning of Life
  6. Recommended Daily Dosage
  7. Knuckledragger
  8. Kerfuffle
  9. Your Inner Lemmy
  10. the Demons Come Home to Roost



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