Blackfield - Open Mind (2LP)

Blackfield - Open Mind (2LP)
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A 15 track collection, curated by Steven Wilson and Aviv Geffen, drawing on the best works from the impressively rich Blackfield catalogue (including Blackfield, Once, Family Man and Pain).
Combining an uncommonly potent mixture of sweet and tart elements, the album is named it after the very first Blackfield collaboration, Open Mind.
Steven Wilson - “Blackfield appealed to me because it was a chance to focus firmly on the art of the classic pop song with concise songs and strong melodies, harmonies, orchestration, and a very lush ‘golden’ production.”
Double LP edition with a D side etching in gatefold packaging featuring new artwork by Hajo Müller.
Side A
1. Blackfield [04:27]
2. Family Man [03:37]
3. Open Mind [03:49]
4. 1,000 People [03:54]
5. Oxygen [03:00]
Side B
1. Hello [03:09]
2. Once [04:03]
3. How Was Your Ride? [03:58]
4. Waving [03:56]
5. From 44 to 48 [04:31]
Side C
1. Pain [03:47]
2. October [03:31]
3. Faking [03:33]
4. Dissolving With The Night [04:07]
5. End Of The World [05:14]
Side D

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