The Beatles - Help! (LP)

The Beatles - Help! (LP)
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Sourced From the Original Master Tapes: Features George Martin's 1986 Stereo Mix

Cut at Abbey Road Studios by a First-Rate Team of Producers and Engineers: Stringent Procedures and Safeguards Ensure Optimum Sound

On the surface, Help! was the soundtrack to the Beatles’ second feature film. Yet the 1965 record marked the emergence of several new directions for the band—and benefited from the biggest strides in production technology yet. Thematically encompassing mature sexual longing, uncertainty, estrangement, infatuation, and innocence, the group pounced on an armada of available instruments—acoustic guitars, bongos, electric pianos, flutes, and even strings—to deliver one of the greatest pop albums time has ever known. And now, it finally sounds like it always meant to sound in stereo—bloody brilliant.

1.  Help!
2.  The Night Before
3.  You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
4.  I Need You
5.  Another Girl
6.  You're Going To Lose That Girl
7.  Ticket To Ride
8.  Act Naturally
9.  It's Only Love
10. You Like Me Too Much
11. Tell Me What You See
12. I've Just Seen A Face
13. Yesterday
14. Dizzy Miss Lizzie 

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