Suck - Time To Suck (LP)

Suck - Time To Suck (LP)
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Format: LP
Label: MANIK
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The loudest, most controversial and obnoxious revolutionary fist-in-your-face rock album of the early 70's!

Suck's rapacious musical rampage through a conservative South Africa in 1970 is stuff that legends are made of! "Time to SUCK" is all howling feedback guitars, explosive drumming, an axe-wielding bassist and muscular vocal antics.

180 gram vinyl in semi-gloss gatefold sleeve - Limited to 500 copies

A1. Aimless Lady
A2. 21st Century Schizoid Man
A3. Season Of The Witch
A4. Sin's A Good Man's Brother
B1. I’ll Be Creeping
B2. The Whip
B3. Into The Fire
B4. Elegy
B5. War Pigs

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