Takis Barbagalas - Nocturne (Coloured LP+7")

Takis Barbagalas - Nocturne (Coloured LP+7")
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Format: LP+7"
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Once again a concept album, Nocturne, comes as a second part of the previous Phosphorus Hesperus LP.
The project deals with nocturnal images, reflections and sentiments of an otherworldly shady universe rather absurd and surreal than claustrophobic. From the very first notes you can easily indentify the sound of this excellent musician.

The music is even more expanded aimed by an open airy production. From Takis imaginative guitar work and hauting melodies to the galloping flute and swirling hammond tones of the eerie sonic landscapes, everything results in the creation of a piecework which is here to stay!

Put all these under the psych-progressive umbrella and you have a magnum opus. Exhilarating, mesmerizing and utterly exceptional!

  • Limited numbered BLUE or PURPLE coloured vinyl in deluxe ultra-heavy gatefold cover
  1. Prelude - Night Eyes
  2. Morpheus
  3. Alone
  4. Lunatic Moon

    7" vinyl
  1. Jack O' Latern
  2. Morpheus (Alternate Version)


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