Boxer - Absolutely (LP)

Boxer - Absolutely (LP)
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In 1976, legendary vocalist Mike Patto (Timebox, Patto) put together a new line-up of Boxer featuring keyboardist Chris Stainton (Joe Cocker’s Grease Band), guitarist Adrian Fisher (Sparks), bassist Tim Bogert (Vanilla Fudge) and drummer Eddie Tuduri (Beach Boys). The line-up proved volatile and short-lived, but they did tape this lost classic of melodic hard rock in 1977, with producer Jeff Glixman, red-hot from his association with Kansas.

  • A1. Fool In Love
  • A2. Red Light Flyer
  • A3. Big Lucy
  • A4. No Reply
  • B1. Can’t Stand What You Do
  • B2. As God’s My Judge
  • B3. Rich Man’s Daughter
  • B4. Everybody’s A Star (So What’s In A Name?)
  • B5. Hand On Your Heart

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