Genesis - Seconds Out (2LP)

Genesis - Seconds Out (2LP)
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Long Out of Print 1977 Live Album Recorded in the Wake of Peter Gabriel's Departure and Phil Collins Taking Over Frontman Duties!

Prior to recording the first of their two 1976 album, Genesis decided that their drummer, Phil Collins, was the ideal candidate to take over for Peter Gabriel as lead singer – something that must have surprised Collins as much as it did the rock press and Genesis fans. Collins, of course, wound up being just fine, showing versatility and range through A Trick of the Tail and the gorgeous Wind & Wuthering later that year. The tours behind those records were high-quality affairs, if 1977's live album Seconds Out is any indication. The album shows Collins wholly graduated into his new role, and the remainder of the band – guitarist Steve Hackett, keyboardist Tony Banks and bassist/guitarist Mike Rutherford – perfectly acclimated to the change.

Side A:
1. Squonk
2. The Carpet Crawl
3. Robbery, Assault and Battery
4. Afterglow
Side B:
5. Firth of Fifth
6. I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)
7. The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
8. The Musical Box

Side C:
1. Supper's Ready
Side D:
2. The Cinema Show
3. Dance On A Volcano
4. Los Endos

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