Wucan - Reap The Storm (2LP)

Wucan - Reap The Storm (2LP)
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Format: LP
Label: MIG
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The second long player by WUCAN! With "Reap The Storm" Front woman Francis Tobolsky and their men stay true to the WUCAN sound and have even refined and intensified it: powerful intelligent rock sprinkled with folkloristic elements. The band celebrates their brew from different styles and cites from many common genres - from psychedelic rock , blues and acid folk up to classic and heavy rock of the 1970's as well as from the insatiable krautrock and experimental phase of German bands during that time.

  1. Wie die Welt sich dreht    09:59
  2. Ebb and Flute/ The Eternal Groove    06:04
  3. Out of Sight, Out of Mind    03:23
  4. I’m Gonna Leave You    04:59
  5. The Rat Catcher    05:25
  6. Falkenlied    04:49
  7. Aging Ten Years in Two Seconds    21:05
  8. Cosmic Guilt    18:03

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