Agoria - Drift (Coloured 2LP)

Agoria - Drift (Coloured 2LP)
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Agoria is artistic moniker of widely acclaimed producer and composer Sebastien Devaud and Drift is his first album in 8 years. The album features the prominent singles You’re Not Alone and Embrace. The 10 track album is underpinned by the concept of Drift, a fast-emerging new approach, expressing freedom in music. Drift could be seen as a bridge which unifies, links territories, creating new frontiers, inventing new code.

  • 2LP transparent vinyl in gatefold sleeve - Printed inner bags, DL card, sticker, shrink
  1. Embrace (feat. Phoebe Killdeer) (4’03)
  2. You’re Not Alone (feat. Blasé) (album edit) (3’09)
  3. Arêg (4’43)
  4. It Will Never Be The Same (1’53)
  5. Call of the Wild (feat. STS) (3’20)
  6. Dominae (2’59)
  7. A One Second Flash (3’49)
  8. Remedy (feat. NOEMIE) (2’59)
  9. Scala (feat. Jacques) (4’25)
  10. Computer Program Reality (4’36)

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