Daron Malakian Αnd Scars Οn Broadway - Dictator (LP)

Daron Malakian Αnd Scars Οn Broadway - Dictator (LP)
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System Of A Down guitarist/vocalist Daron Malakian returns with Dictator, the much-anticipated sophomore album from his Scars On Broadway project. Undergoing a complete overhaul, none of the members from the group's 2008 debut appear here. The aptly titled set saw Malakian write, produce and play every instrument including all vocals. Malakian explains. "Nobody quit. When I first started Scars, I always said that it would be different lineups from album to album. Depends on the type of direction I want to take. Different musicians work for different styles. That is partly why I added my name in front of the band's." Dictator was recorded over an intense 10 day period in 2012 but has remained unreleased – until now.

1. Lives
2. Angry Guru
3. Dictator
4. Fuck And Kill
5. Guns Are Loaded
6. Never Forget
7. Talkin' Shit
8. Till The End
9. We Won't Obey
10. Sickening Wars
11. Gie Mou (Instrumental, Stamatis Kokotas Cover)
12. Assimilate (Skinny Puppy Cover)


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