Young MC - Stone Cold Rhymin (LP)

Young MC - Stone Cold Rhymin (LP)
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Young MC's seminal 1987 debut Stone Cold Rhymin endures as a quality listen because of the rapper's wit, wordplay, and dazzling elocution...not to mention the funkiness of the music. The album bridges old school sounds and what at the time passed for cutting edge production. Helmed by Michael Ross and Matt Dike, "Bust A Move" is the song that broke Young MC. It won him a coveted statuette for Best Rap Performance at the Grammy Awards, where he beat out Delicious Vinyl label mate Tone Loc's "Funky Cold Medina," a song whose lyrics Young had also largely written. The follow-up to "Bust A Move" was "Principal's Office." A midtempo mixture of high school lyrical high jinks over a hurdy-gurdy sample, the track gave Young MC his second consecutive Top 40 hit, and helped propel sales of his debut to double platinum.

  1. I Come Off
  2. Principal's Office
  3. Bust A Move
  4. Non Stop
  5. Fastest Rhyme
  6. My Name Is Young
  7. Know How
  8. Roll With The Punches
  9. I Let 'Em Know
  10. Pick Up The Pace
  11. Got More Rhymes
  12. Stone Cold Buggin'
  13. Just Say No


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