2 By Bukowski - Follow You Home / Fiend For Sleep (7" Vinyl Single)

2 By Bukowski - Follow You Home / Fiend For Sleep (7" Vinyl Single)
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A year after the single “Hot Summer / Beast’s Breath” that marked their return following an eleven year absence, 2 by bukowski release “Follow You Home / Fiend For Sleep”, the second in a series of three singles.

The recordings took place last summer, a long distance project between George in London and Achilles vacationing in a small seaside town in northern Greece. They had the structure ready in less than a week and laid down the majority of the parts that are on the record in single takes in pretty much one day. “Follow You Home” also sports the ultimate act of musical selflessness, a solo written by one guitarist and played by the other. Recordings were finalized in the autumn back in Berlin where the band, with Heike Raedeker (bass/vocals) now on board, were prepping for a show at Internet Explorer.

“Follow You Home” sounds like 2 by bukowski’s doom metal and 80’s horror movie music influences wrapped in a subdued, dreamlike veil, with Kid Moxie’s vocals bringing in a sensitivity that might sound new to old fans of the band. The instrumental b-side “Fiend For Sleep”, despite its contrasting arrangement and noisy, fuzz infused ending, doesn’t stray too far from the same influences.

“Follow You Home / Fiend For Sleep” is out on 300 numbered 7inch singles

1. Follow You Home (feat. Kid Moxie)
2. Fiend For Sleep

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