Ball - Ball (LP)

Ball - Ball (LP)
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Format: LP
Label: HORNY
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What if a mad witchdoctor was able to raise Clyde Stubblefield from the grave to meet up with some bath salt gobbling messed-up pimpled teenage Swedish thrash rockers to create a monstrous and deranged and funky-proto-metal band? Well it just happened…the result: BALL. Intensely disturbed, dirty, smut peddling, Swedish slime hardrock-psych-madness from the deepest cesspool of humanity. Fucked up subhuman fuzz guitars. Depraved, screaming vocals. Gut rumbling bass and caveman drums. A nightmare of revolting sounds. Ball is hardrock from hell. This is the much-anticipated follow up to the bands acclaimed Fyre Balls single. Ball´s debut album is a deranged hard rock psych tour-de-force that will have you gasping…and gagging.

  1. Balling 3:12
  2. Speeding 4:56
  3. Satanas 8:51
  4. Fyre Balls 2:28
  5. Fyre 7:57
  6. Galaxy 666 5:36

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