Barracudas - Drop Out With The Barracudas (LP)

Barracudas - Drop Out With The Barracudas (LP)
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Drop Out with The Barracudas is the debut studio album by English rock band The Barracudas. If you like the surf and hot rod tunes of the early 1960s, you'll love the upbeat songs. The darker tunes draw you in and remind you that all is not rosy and about surf and sun.

Side A

1. I Can't Pretend
2. We Are Living In Violent Times
3. Don't Let Go
4. Codeine
5. This Ain't My Time
6. I Saw My Death In A Dream Last Night
7. Somewhere Outside

Side B

1. Summer Fun
2. His Last Summer
3. Somebody
4. Campus Tramp
5. On The Strip
6. California Lament
7. (I Wish It Could Be) 1965 Again

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