Zyklon - Aeon (LP)

Zyklon - Aeon (LP)
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Zyklon was formed in 1998 by Emperor mainmain Samoth shortly after the band initially called it a day. Escalating the extremity factor, the band's second album Aeon (2003) gives equal measures of death and black metal. As those who know Zyklon's sound can attest much more is found within. Guitarist Samoth and drummer Trym with guitarist Destructhor and new vocalist/bassist Secthdamon bestow a sound light years apart from the duo's later Emperial days. Re-mastered by Turan Audio with full guidance from the band and vinyl artwork carefully restored by Dan Capp Design and Illustration to create a beautiful vinyl reissue. Includes a bonus track cover of Death's "Pull The Plug."

  1. Psyklon Aeon
  2. Core Solution
  3. Subtle Manipulation
  4. Two Thousand Years
  5. No Name Above The Names
  6. The Prophetic Method
  7. Specimen Eruption
  8. Electric Current
  9. An Eclectic Manner
  10. Pull The Plug (Death cover)

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