Xandria - Theater Of Dimensions (2LP)

Xandria - Theater Of Dimensions (2LP)
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After the release of their last album, the East-Westphalian band Xandria went on their extensive 150-show world tour, their longest tour to date. The new album 'Theatre of Dimensions' was born out of their collective impressions of the most diverse cultures and makes a striking case for Xandria's role as spearheaders of the epic genre of symphonic metal.

Disc 1
1.Where The Heart Is Home
2.Death To The Holy
3.Forsaken Love
4.Call Of Destiny
5.We Are Murderers (We All)
6.Dark Night Of The Soul
7.When The Walls Came Down (Heartache Was Born)
8.Ship Of Doom
10.Song For Sorrow And Woe
11.Burn Me
12.Queen Of Hearts Reborn
13.A Theater Of Dimensions
Disc 2
1.Call of destiny
2.Dark Night of the Soul
3.In Remembrance
4.Sweet Atonement


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