Beck Bogert Appice - Beck Bogert Appice (LP)

Beck Bogert Appice - Beck Bogert Appice (LP)
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On the whole, the supergroups of the '70s didn’t last very long. This certainly applies to the Anglo-American trio made up of guitarist Jeff Beck, bassist Tim Bogert, and drummer Carmine Appice. As early as 1970, the British Beck wanted to engage the two American musicians for a joint project. This plan however had to be postponed for two years because Beck had a serious car accident and needed time to recover.

1973 finally saw the release of the trio’s first and only studio album, which not only demonstrated Beck’s powerful-hectic style of guitar playing but also allowed his musical companions to show off their respective skills. The trio applied their musical talents to all facets of rock ’n’ roll, right from the bluesy first number ("Black Cat Moan"), through to the agile rock sound of "Lady," the love ballad ("Oh To Love You"), gospel song ("Sweet And Surrender") and the super funky "Lose Myself With You".

The excellent 9-song set was recorded by Baker Bigsby and Gray Starr and produced by Don Nix. Considering their keen chemistry heard here, the trio seemed destined for more, but this was not to be as the highly unpredictable Beck dissolved the group in the middle of the intense preparations for their next studio album.

- Jeff Beck (guitar, vocals)
- Tim Bogert (bass, vocals)
- Carmine Appice (drums, vocals)
- Jimmy Greenspoon (piano)
- Duane Hitchings (piano, mellotron)
- Danny Hutton (background vocals)

1.  Black Cat Moan
2.  Lady
3.  Oh To Love You
4.  Superstition
5.  Sweet Surrender
6.  Why Should I Care
7.  Lose Myself With You
8.  Livin' Alone
9.  I'm So Alone

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