Acid King - Middle Of Nowhere, Center Of Everywhere (2LP)

Acid King - Middle Of Nowhere, Center Of Everywhere (2LP)
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Format: LP
Label: SVART
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Acid King returns to its throne with 2015's full-length Middle Of Nowhere Center Of Everywhere. On this their fourth outing, the three-piece maintains the corrosive concoction at the heart of their identity, while simultaneously progressing. This unholy triumvirate of visionary, vocalist, and guitarist Lori S, drummer Joey Osbourne, and bassist Mark Lamb existed before terms like "stoner rock" and "doom metal" entered the musical lexicon.

1: Intro
2: Silent Pictures
3: Coming Down From Outer Space
4: Laser Headlights
5: Red River
6: Infinite Skies
7: Center Of Everywhere
8: Outro

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