Gamma Ray - Sigh No More: Anniversary Edition (2CD)

Gamma Ray - Sigh No More: Anniversary Edition (2CD)
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CD1 – Studio album
The original studio album including its B-Sides. Remastered in 2015 by Eike Freese.
1. Changes
2. Rich And Famous
3. As Time Goes By
4. (We Won't) Stop The War
5. Father And Son
6. One With The World
7. Start Running
8. Countdown
9. Dream Healer
10. The Spirit
11. Sail On (Live)*
12. Changes (Live)

*Japanese Bonus Track

CD2 – Bonus CD
Including previously unreleased demo versions, alternative versions, instrumentals, live songs...
1. One With The World (Live at Wacken 2011)
2. Dream Healer (Live in Montreal 2006)
3. Changes (Blast From The Past version)
4. Rich And Famous (Blast From The Past version)
5. One With The World (Blast From The Past version)
6. Dream Healer (Blast From The Past version)
7. Heroes (Preproduction) **Alternative version of "Changes"
8. Dream Healer (Preproduction)
9. As Times Goes By (Preproduction – Kai on vocals)
10. (We Won’t) Stop The War (Preproduction – Kai on vocals)
11. Dream Healer (Demo – Kai on vocals)
12. Rich And Famous (Demo – Kai on vocals)

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