Stratovarius - Destiny (Digi 2CD)

Stratovarius - Destiny (Digi 2CD)
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The 2016 edition of the album includes the rare live bootleg “Visions Of Destiny” which has been recorded in October 1999 during their triumphant, album accompanying tour. With over 60 minutes, the CD perfectly captures the band's energetic live spirit.

1. Destiny
2. S.O.S.
3. No Turning Back
4. 4000 Rainy Nights
5. Rebel
6. Years Go By
7. Playing with Fire
8. Venus in the Morning
9. Anthem of the World
10. Cold Winter Nights
11. Dream with Me
12. Blackout

Visions Of Destiny:
1. Destiny
2. Paradise
3. Speed of Light
4. S.O.S.
5. Anthem of the World
6. Forever
7. Black Diamond
8. The Kiss of Judas
9. Distant Skies
10. Forever

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