Hermano - Into the Exam Room (CD)

Hermano - Into the Exam Room (CD)
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On their third studio album, the guys around ex-Kyuss frontman, John Garcia present themselves more psychedelic than ever. Already with the opening song, "Kentucky", they deliver rumbling Power Rock in best "MC5 meets Grand Funk meets Stooges"-way for which the guitarists perform the legendary hymn, "Dueling Banjos" with a wink of the eye. Also over the following course of the album, the five let it rock heavily, and yet, never drown in noise orgies. "Out of key, but in the mood", e.g., still has, despite its title not only a pleasant melody but also an impressive pace for this band that is still filed under Stoner Rock. "Letters from Madrid" on the other side is pure Rock'n'Roll. After all, after the impressive predecessor, "Dare I say …" (2005), convincing especially by its heavy songs, it's the calmer side and songs, like the acoustic, Country-flair soaking "Dark horse II" and "At the bar" that give this album its special, self-conscious character.

01. Kentucky
02. Exam Room
03. Dark Horse II
04. Left Side Bleeding
05. Out Of Key, But In The Mood
06. Hard Working Wall
07. Bona Fide
08. Don't Call Your Mama
09. Adoption Boy
10. At The Bar
11. Our Desert Home
12. Letters From Madrid

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