Madrugada - Industrial Silence (CD)

Madrugada - Industrial Silence (CD)
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With their debut album ‘Industrial Silence’ the Norwegian Madrugada have made a melancholic masterpiece with the floating vocals of Sivert Høyem accompanied by the guitar-plinking and mouth organ playing of the late Robert Buras. Madrugada creates a wonderful environment, and they do that with nothing more than conventional instruments, a bit piano and a slice of pedal-steel guitar. Sometimes they sound like Leonard Cohen or 16 Horsepower, sometimes like Nick Cave and they sound just as spheric and warm as other Scandinavian acts like Sigur Ros or Bjork. Listen to “Shine”, “This Old House”, “Electric” and “Quite Emotional” and get impressed by the masters of melancholy.

1. Vocal
2. Beautyproof
3. Shine
4. Higher
5. Sirens
6. Strange Colour Blue
7. This Old House
8. Electric
9. Salt
10. Belladonna
11. Norwegian Hammerworks Corp.
12. Quite Emotional
13. Terraplane

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