Iron Butterfly - In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (CD)

Iron Butterfly - In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (CD)
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They were both a part of the LA psychedelic scene with The Seeds and The Strawberry Alarm Clock, and somehow, on the 17-minute title track here, accidentally prog. “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” was the sound of the Summer of ‘68 in the States. They were briefly perceived as more vital than Jimi Hendrix, C.C.R. or The Doors. It sold a million within a year and has since passed thirty million! Not bad for “forgotten” one-hit-wonders. “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” was truly an amazingly heavy song and album for 1968 and was definitely part of the foundation on which Heavy Metal was built. This album will definitely take you back to the sixties, both lyrically and musically. Put some flowers in your hair!

1. Most Anything You Want
2. Flowers And Beads
3. My Mirage
4. Terminator
5. Are You Happy
6. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida
Bonus Tracks:
7. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (Live Version)
8. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (Single Version)

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