Crowded House - Dreamers Are Waiting (CD)

Crowded House - Dreamers Are Waiting (CD)
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First New Music from Legendary New Zealand Group in Over a Decade!

Legendary New Zealand group Crowded House return with their first new album in over a decade! The band's line-up on Dreamers Are Waiting includes founding members Neil Finn and Nick Seymour, in addition to producer and keyboardist Mitchell Froom, singer and guitarist Liam Finn, and drummer Elroy Finn, Liam's brother. "I've always been afraid of just repeating the same formulas, and somehow this feels like a fresh and authentic way to re-approach Crowded House today with an awareness of all our history and where, how and why it began in the first place," said Neil. "The original band mentality and philosophy is still in there, especially with Mitchell now part of it again, working in a different way along with Nick and I." Includes the previously released "Whatever You Want" and lead single "To the Island."

  1. Bad Times Good
  2. Playing With Fire
  3. To The Island
  4. Sweet Tooth
  5. Whatever You Want
  6. Show Me The Way
  7. Goodnight Everyone
  8. Too Good For This World
  9. Start Of Something
  10. Real Life Woman
  11. Love Isn't Hard At All
  12. Deeper Down


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